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No living room is complete without a luxury coffee table. Having a scintillating piece of furniture on display in the centre of the room for you and your guests to marvel at, is a must for anyone who cares about design. Simply appreciate the lavish style, and enjoy the unit as a decorative piece, or use it practically to display drinks or ornaments.

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Browse through our vast collection of contemporary coffee tables and gaze in wonder as you admire the intricate style and detail on some of our marble pieces, all beautifully created to showcase their elegance. Alternatively, embrace the spectacular and filter through our perfectly crafted glass top coffee tables complete with sublime oak finishings. For those who want something unique and stylish, yet equally commanding in style, then look at our range of stainless steel contemporary coffee tables, all polished and moulded into creative shapes to allow your home to stand out from the crowd.

Coffee Tables Aren't Just for the Living Room

While a modern coffee table is the perfect addition to the main living room, a coffee table can add a decorative touch to any room where people tend to gather.

Coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes. A small round coffee table is perfect next to the living room sofa where guests can easily reach for their beverage or conveniently lay down their cell phone or car keys. A long square coffee table looks great in the centre of the room within arm's reach of the main seating area.

If you're seeking to update a room with a simple, modern touch, a modern coffee table will add a splash of elegance to any room with little effort. We have a variety of sizes to suit small and large rooms, so you don't have to worry about your new table taking up too much space.

Our items look great with or without additions so you can leave it as is or you can add an eye-catching topper and some ornaments for a splash of colour. A coffee table also creates a space to put items that didn't have a permanent home before.

Whether you like the glass table look with a contrasting border or a wooden table, we have you covered. Is a table with legs a necessity? If not, then perhaps one of our more modern-looking tables that sit right on the floor will give your room the exact look you are envisioning.

Why choose James Said?

We regard our products as the best on the market and pride ourselves on never compromising on quality. With an expert team reviewing all our products continuously, we always feel confident in the ability to deliver luxury products of the highest standards. Connoisseurs in modern coffee tables, Australia, browse our range of beautifully articulated designed coffee tables online today.
When it comes to luxury coffee tables for sale online, trust our experts to help you find the perfect addition to your household collection.