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  1. Orson Side Table
    Orson Side Table
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  2. Worlds Away Silver Molecule Dining Table
    Molecule Silver Leaf Dining Table
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  3. Orson Dining Table
    Orson Dining Table
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  4. Frank Dining Table
    Frank Dining Table
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  5. Faline Dining Table
    Faline Dining Table
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The Best Modern Dining Tables For Sale in Australia

Stand out from the crowd with an elegant and contemporary dining table, situated in the heart of your home. We believe that your possessions should be a reflection of your glamorous lifestyle, which is why we have created a luxurious collection of exquisite dining tables to ensure there is the perfect design to compliment every taste. We have a wonderful variety to cater to everyone’s needs, offering a range of different shapes and sizes to suit multiple rooms. Whether you're looking for something grand and capable of filling a room as a fabulous centrepiece, or something more subtle and intricate, our collection is sure to inspire you.

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Here at James Said, we understand that the art to a perfectly designed home is to stay true to one’s style. Are you someone who wants a contemporary chic style with modern textures or tones? If so, create something magical in your home with one of our modern dining room tables, with crisp finishings and glamorous style you won’t be disappointed. Alternatively, if you prefer a more traditional style, then you will be pleased to know that we have some gorgeous antique style tables to offer, with exquisite timber and refined textures that will complete your home.

Entertain Guests at your Elegant Dining Table

If you entertain guests in your home, a large dining table is a necessity. This is also the case if you don't entertain much but have a large family. Having a dining table where you can eat together cuts down on that pesky habit of eating in front of the television. The tradition of eating together brings you closer so you can share the day's events, and enjoy the company of your loved ones.
The best modern dining tables for this purpose are narrow dining tables which allow guests to be close enough to converse with enough space so that they are not cramped. If you host a game or card nights at your home, a large round dining table brings your guests even closer and prevents opponents from seeing what cards you're holding.
Even if it's just you and your partner who live in the home, it's nice to have a comfortable, elegant place to enjoy a meal and have some time together after a long day at work. A round dining table is fine for this purpose.

When you have guests over for dinner, the dining table is the perfect place for your guests to get to know one another after their initial greetings in the main room.

Our selection of modern dining tables in Australia is extensive. Whether you want to add a touch of elegance with a black dining table, an oak dining table or a marble dining table, we have these and much more.

Why choose James Said?

Here at James Said it is our mission to help you 'Create Beautiful' in your home. Every single one of our range of dining tables online are bespoke pieces that have been specifically chosen by our elite team of design experts. We are fully committed to delivering unrivalled glamour, luxury and perfection to your home so browse our range of dining tables for sale today!