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  1. August Matte White & Nickel Wall Sconce
    August Matte White & Nickel Wall Sconce
    From $115.00 From $230.00
    In stock
  2. Gascogne Extra Small Nickel Wall Lamp
    Gascogne Extra Small Nickel Wall Lamp
    From $625.00 From $1,250.00
    In stock
    Niagara Wall Lamp - Customise
    From $2,230.00 From $4,460.00
    In stock
    Cornell Silver Leaf Wall Sconce
    From $280.00 From $560.00
    In stock
  5. Micah Wall Lamp
    Micah Wall Lamp
    From $740.00
  6. Meri Wall Lamp
    Meri Wall Lamp
    From $600.00
  7. Anni Wall Lamp
    Anni Wall Lamp
    From $1,130.00

Items 1-36 of 263

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If there is one household ornament that can effortlessly bring sophistication and elegance along with utility to any living space, it is a wall sconce.

Without a doubt, a modern wall sconce is one of the most versatile products that we feature. Lighting aside, these wall-mounted lamps are a fantastic choice for any room in the house, whether it be the hallway or the living room, the bathroom or the study; wherever you are planning to display your new James Said wall sconce you can be assured that it will fit into your new home seamlessly by brightening up any living space. Even a small wall lamp can be effective in offering you a multitude of functions throughout your home. They beautifully complement the other lighting accessories displayed in the room, and are commonly partnered with chandeliers or overhead lighting to create a truly beautiful lighting effect in your home.

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Choosing The Best Wall Sconces For Your Home

Turn an empty space into a masterpiece of upscale living.

Our wall sconces are incredibly varied in their design, with a modern wall sconce ranging from a simple clean-cut design to a more decorative piece that almost symbolises artwork than regular household lights. Choosing the right style of wall sconce is paramount as a wall mounted sconce releases an aura of ambient light for the entire room, allowing them to become a real focal point of the room. Typically, when you have a vacant and dull space in your home, your natural reaction is to liven it up with pictures, mirrors, plants and various other types of decoration.

However, a well-designed wall sconce can fill that void and add even more class and luxury to your beautiful home. This is a fantastic method for not only lighting up the room in question, but also creating an eye-catching piece to show off.

Wall-mounted lamps are not only helpful for adding illumination, but they fit right on any wall in any room.

Why choose James Said?

Here at James Said, we make it our mission to give you the best possible service and the highest quality products. We are passionate about creating a collection that you will be proud to display in your home and offer an exquisite range of wall lamps in Australia, for you to choose from. So if you are looking to buy wall lamps online today, why not take a look at our beautiful collection?

We have something for everyone! From classic elegance all the way through to utilitarian chic, we have what you need. Whether you're looking for a touch of drama or just want to make your room look and feel more vibrant with light, we can help.

Aside from wall lamps, we also boast an extensive range of chandeliers, pendant lights and more. Browse our collection today to find the household ornaments you need to beautify your home in Australia.